Relationships and B2B

How important is relationship building when it comes to selling high-end B2B products and services?

Aden Nepom joined me on Building Your Unique Training Brand (link in the comments) to talk about why relationships are so critical to engaging with corporate training and coaching clients.

When it comes to the choice between using what you already have internally, or forking out a whole bunch of money for an outside consultant to come do what they think they can accomplish — it’s a tough sell.

What isn’t a tough sell is when you have had an experience with somebody that’s built a relationship. And they know that you’re somebody who can deliver a particular value. And they know their team needs that value.

So they call you up.

Relationship is a huge driver, at least in the businesses that I’ve been part of.

I don’t want to mislead folks into going “so that’s what you have to do.” But I do think that there’s incredible value in building relationships.

But what I’m experiencing is people will reach out to me as if we have a relationship. And they’re going to talk to me as if they’re going to solve a problem that they don’t even know if I have.

And I think that when you reach out directly to HR departments and L&D departments to pitch, you run the risk of sounding like that.

You’re not trying to build a relationship. You’re trying to sound like you’re building a relationship. It’s a really important distinction.

Listen to the full podcast episode.

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