Create Content Like a Rock Star (Literally)

Are you milking every piece of long-form content for everything it’s worth?

If not, you might want to start thinking like a rock star. And no, I don’t mean “rock star” as in “we’re looking for a rock star content marketer to join our team.” (Remember when everyone wanted to hire ninjas?)

I recently spoke with Stewart Hillhouse about how singers and bands take one song or album (their version of long-form content), and figure out how to create a nearly endless amount of engaging content to promote it (their version of repurposing that long-form content).

  • Initial teaser on Instagram.
  • Another teaser image of the lead singer in costume filming the music video.
  • A week before, teaser artwork from the album cover.
  • Three days before, a clip of the music video.
  • The day before wide release, they’ll leak it to their audience.
  • After release day, they push it hard for a week.
  • Two weeks after, they release the acoustic version.
  • Three weeks after, the remix.

They’re using still images, videos, audio, social, email — just to get you to listen to one song on Spotify.

Listen to the full podcast episode.

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