Marketing Vs Sales (???)

Are your Sales and Marketing teams playing in separate silos?

Mark Evans shares his vision of the Sales/Marketing relationship.

Sales is a key part of the marketing process. I think that salespeople and marketing people should sit side by side.

They’re sharing stories. They’re comparing notes. The marketing people can say to the salespeople, “What do you think if we did this, or we said this?”

And Sales can go, “That’s a terrible idea! Our target audiences aren’t going to use that platform.” Or “That message isn’t going to resonate with them.”

When I go in and do these consulting gigs, I’ll always ask to talk to the salespeople.

Because as a marketer, what you’re essentially doing is answering those questions. “What does your product do? How is it different? How is it better? How do I use it? What are the benefits?”

All those kind of things. That’s your job.

How have you bridged the Sales/Marketing divide in your own organization?

Listen to the full podcast interview.

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