Pivoting From Failure

Imagine you’ve just spent the last 18 months working day and night trying to get your startup off the ground.

You have (what you think is) a great idea.

You have a great team.

All the pieces are in place.

But it’s still failing.

One day, it hits you that there’s this huge gap between what you’ve been marketing and what you’ve actually been selling.

And you’ve been spending almost all that time talking to prospects that don’t actually fit your ICP.

Cole Cummings and I talk about how he and the rest of the team at BoardActive went through that exact learning curve.

What was the turning point?

It’s when they finally stopped to ask themselves, “What is this product, and who wants it?”

Asking that simple question helped them figure out the problem that they actually solved, and the best way to communicate with the right people.

And it made all the difference.

“It’s hard to admit that your baby of an idea was the wrong idea. And the best leaders, they’re able to shed their ego and say, ‘Guess what. We missed the mark. We failed. What’s next? How do we flip this around and get it going in the right direction?’”

Listen to the full podcast episode.

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