“The Glass is Already Broken”

Is everyone in your company constantly asking, “How can we do this better?”

Chris Piper and I talk about how their “glass is already broken” mindset drives Scribe Media’s innovative culture.

He and his team don’t start with the assumption that they know what they’re doing, or that things are the way that they should be. Instead, they assume that it’s already broken and needs to be fixed.

They’re constantly challenging each other. Constantly asking:

“Why is this thing the way it is?”
“Can we test or experiment in some other way?”

The principle that drives their culture is simple: You have to keep improving in order to grow. And it’s one of the reasons why they’ve been so successful as a startup.

“We all come to that mindset every day. ‘What is the biggest problem I need to solve? What’s the highest impact area I can have? And what can I continue to improve?’”

Listen to the full podcast episode.

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