Fire, BAD! New Media, GOOD!

The buzz about Social Media tends to celebrate all the reasons why traditional marketing is dying and how Web 2.0 is the fatal blow. It reminds me of Phil Hartman’s Frankenstein on SNL…

Traditional Marketing, Bad! New Media, Good!

And I agree.

Too many businesses waste precious time and money on poorly conceived branding campaigns, and I wouldn’t miss cold calls, junk mail and spam.

But when the argument about new marketing or old marketing becomes about good or bad, right or wrong, it misses the entire point. The right marketing channel isn’t determined by any macro trend, but by where your customers are now, and where they are going to be in the future.

Maybe that happens to be New Media like Facebook and Twitter.

Or maybe that still means the Thursday morning networking event with the great bagels and bad coffee, or that inexpensive but very effective coupon mailing, or continuing to sponsor your kid’s little league team.

Adapt, evolve and expand your marketing tool box to include new marketing channels and media. But don’t get so caught up in new trends that you stop doing what already works now.

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